JET Login Help

JET requires a login to ensure that only authorized users are able to use the application and submit journals. To login, you must provide a valid WISDM data view user name and password. This credential is different from your regular WISDM login which is controlled by IAA (the UW-System's federated login which is your local campus credential such as UW NetID). If you access the WISDM data views via Brio or a similar tool, you should use that set of credentials to login to JET. If you do not have data view account, are unsure, or are confused by this login, please contact Accounting Services to get an account or get a new password to replace an existing one.

[Note: if you were a WISDM user prior to 2/15/2007 (IAA go-live date), the JET login is the same as your old WISDM username and password.]

Frequently Asked Questions about JET Login

What is a WISDM data view credential?
This is a separate login credential (username/password pair) that is used by WISDM to grant access to its supplementary database views for financial data. It is also the old WISDM login prior to 2/15/2007 when the IAA integration for WISDM went live. The difference between these credentials is that the WISDM data view credential is still controlled by the WISDM system and is independent of IAA. This means that your account can be set up by a WISDM administrator and you can manage your password directly in WISDM. WISDM data view user names begin with a three letter abbreviation of your campus ("msn" for Madison).

How do I manage my password for this login?
To change your password, go to WISDM and choose Change Password from the My Profile sub menu (Main Menu > My Profile > Change Password). You will receive a message about how this changes your Oracle data view password and not your IAA login password (which is what you want). You must adhere to the password rules indicated on this page.

I forgot my password, how do I get it reset?
You can contact your WISDM administrator or do it yourself if you can get into WISDM. Once in WISDM, use the change password procedure outlined in the previous question.

Why do we have this separate login for JET?
JET does not run on the web and is independent of the WISDM system although it does share its authorization system. IAA credentials are not captured anywhere except the main UW-System Auth Hub. Because JET is an updating application, its use must be secured to only those users who are authorized. This separate credential allows us to secure the application from unauthorized use and does not compromise your IAA (i.e. NetID) credential. The control of this credential is kept within the WISDM community inside of the WISDM system which adds another extra layer of security.